ATS Groep offers you solutions in telemetry.

Telemetry facilitates communication with your installation, irrespective of where it may be located.
Our solutions comprise powerful data transmission and monitoring systems.
They facilitate automation and data collection.


We offer a variety of solutions according to your specifications, meaning we:

•take account of existing standards.
•enable controlled communication using specific or switched telephone lines.
•ensure increased operational safety with redundant setups.
•guarantee the most flexible data collection in the field.
•constantly offer attention with respect to calibration.
•implement supervision systems for data from heterogeneous telemetric networks.


Service guarantee

100% service

If you entrust your project to ATS Group, we also take care of the after sales service. We look after the maintenance for you: 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Ask for the possibilities concerning maintenance contracts.

Interested? Questions?

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